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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of clients does  HDentaire Mobile serve?

Hdentaire Mobile offers oral care to families with children, nursing homes for the elderly, businesses and residences in the greater Montreal area.

How does HDentaire Mobile sterilize its instruments?

HDentaire mobile sterilizes its instruments with a certified autoclave, where the tests are sent to a private laboratory. We also include Class 5 testing on a daily basis. Sterilization certification has been issued.

What protocols do you use to prevent infections in between patients?

Complete disinfection of chairs, change of chair covers, the unit compressor is disinfected, change of barriers, and the passage of water lines and suction lines are disinfected between each patient.

What equipment does HDentaire Mobile use for teeth cleanings?

HDentaire Mobile has invested in the latest dental hygiene technologies in order to make dental cleaning faster, more efficient and more comfortable.

What is the AirFlow Approach?

Airflow offers hygienists a more efficient tool for reminder appointments as well as for more advanced cases of periodontitis (gum disease). The integration of AIRFLOW therapy reduces the time required to treat dental plaque, making dental cleaning more efficient and cost effective, while most importantly enabling hygienists to provide optimal patient care.

Does the hygienist use personal protective equipment (PPE) and does the client have to pay additional fees for the PPE?

The dental hygienist will have personal protective equipment recommended and changed between patients. Their scrubs (uniform) will also be changed for each household. No there will be no Extra fees.

Does HDentaire take X-Rays or diagnose dental issues?

HDentaire Mobile only provides preventative dental treatments and does not offer X-Rays or dental diagnosis.  We recommend you see your dentist at least once a year. If you do not have a dedicated dentist we will provide you with a list of dentists who we recommend.

How much will the cleaning cost me and can we use our private insurance?

We follow the fees of FHDQ fee guide, we charge per unit of time, the final amount depends on how much plaque you have.  Yes, we provide you with an invoice for the dental treatment which you can then choose to claim directly with your insurance provider warranted that such treatment(s) are covered under your policy. We can also give you an estimate in advance so that you can check the amount that will be covered with your insurance provider.

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